METRO LPG – Specialist in LPG repairs & service in Melbourne

The dedicated team here at Metro LPG specialises in any LPG car repairs, maintenance and LPG vehicle services you require for your vehicle. Our accredited LPG repairs include EFI diagnostics and repairs; gas injection systems diagnostics, calibrations and repairs; and LPG Converter replacements and fitting. For your convenience, you can send us through a photo and we will supply you with a LPG repairs quote straight away. We understand you are incredibly busy, which is why we will come to your Melbourne home or office in order to complete your LPG repairs. Our dedicated technicians will arrive with the very latest in tools and techniques to complete all LPG repairs on your vehicle, at a day and time that suits you.

Your vehicle may not require repairs; however, it is very important to keep up with all your LPG services. We understand that majority of people make time in their busy schedules for routine general vehicle servicing, but they do not understand the importance of a designated LPG services. Regular LPG services will actually help to prolong the life of your engine. During scheduled LPG services with Metro LPG, we will do a thorough safety and LPG component check. These will help to alleviate the common issues associated with LPG including running lean, running rich, ignition system problems and LPG convertor failure. As well as replacing any worn out parts, our LPG services will include the replacement of your LPG filter. Regular LPG services are the easiest way to ensure the safety, durability, performance and economy of your vehicle.

With Metro LPG you will always receive the very best in LPG repairs and LPG services. Book your LPG repairs or LPG services with us today by phoning 0401 311 987.

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Our Service

LPG Repairs

At Metro LPG in Melbourne, our team can assist you with any LPG repairs, maintenance and servicing. Ensuring that your work is carried out professionally will not only go a long way towards ensuring the long life of your engine.

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LPG Services

Our team can assist you with any routine LPG servicing. While most people are conscious about taking their vehicle in for a regular mechanical service, they don’t put the same care into their LPG servicing.

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