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Call on Metro LPG when you require an LPG Vehicle Repairs Service in Melbourne

At Metro LPG in Melbourne, our team can assist you with any routine LPG servicing. While most people are conscious about taking their vehicle in for a regular mechanical service, they don’t put the same care into their LPG servicing. Regularly booking your LPG service is incredibly important for ensuring that your entire car is running in peak condition.

Metro LPG providing exceptional LPG servicing in Melbourne

Everything you need to know about an LPG service

A regular LPG service on your vehicle will go a long way towards prolonging the life of your engine, and the experts here at Metro LPG will work with you on maintaining your routine LPG servicing. At Metro LPG, we make sure that all your LPG servicing and LPG car repairs are done with the best products available and complete professionalism. We understand that ensuring your work is carried out professionally is not only healthy for your car, it will give you complete peace of mind. If you have any kind of LPG concern, you can trust our technicians and mechanics to have it taken care of for you quickly and efficiently.

Why LPG servicing is different to your your standard car service?

Many customers don’t realise that an LPG system is specialised and requires more than just a regular service, LPG requires a separate and accurate safety and LPG component check. Did you also know that while they are incredibly sturdy, overtime LPG system components can wear out? This is why LPG fueled vehicles require a LPG service regularly to avoid issues such as running lean, running rich, ignition system problems, or LPG convertor failure. During a service with our team here at Metro LPG, we will thoroughly check this and replace any worn out parts for you. With Metro LPG’s scheduled LPG servicing we also include a LPG filter replacement. As well as providing a general LPG service, we provide dedicated gas converter servicing for Ford and Holden vehicles right here in Melbourne.

When should I book my car in for a LPG service with Metro LPG?

It’s recommended that your LPG system is routinely booked in for a service either every 20,000km or 12 months. To receive a thorough LPG service you should book this in separately to your general car service. Keeping up with regular LPG servicing ensures the optimum safety, durability, performance and economy of your vehicle for complete hassle free driving. Metro LPG also provides annual servicing for gas injection systems.

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